Tucson Jeweler and Appraiser

Tucson Jeweler and appraiserCaldwell Jewelers, originally known as B.J. Caldwell Jewelers, was started in a 200 square foot office in 1980. B.J. began performing insurance appraisals and selling special order items. Within seven years, the tiny office turned into a full service jewelry store occupying 1200 square feet… learn more

Our store hours are:
Tuesday thru Friday 9 – 5, Saturday 10 – 4

Full Service Tucson Jeweler and Appraisor
Established in 1979
Quality Customer Service
Very Best Quality at a Reasonable Price

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For those die-hard Dallas fans! Diamond star earrings!
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A few items from our estate case! Antique cameos from the late 1800’s to mid 1960’s. Silver topped gold lavaliere from the 1890’s complete with old mine cut diamonds. A truly beautiful neck piece!
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Are you traditional? One carat round diamond in yellow gold solitaire! Do you like traditional and contemporary? One carat emerald cut diamond in a diamond halo! Are you a romantic? One carat heart shape diamond with tapered baguette diamonds on the sides! Or do you dare to be different? Two carat princess cut “Chocolate” diamond decorated with small pink and white diamonds!

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