Why should I buy from an independent jeweler?

Why should I buy from an independent jeweler?

For women, jewelry is very personal. They appreciate a touchy-feely relationship with their jewelry. At your local jeweler, you are able to see it, touch it, try it on, check the fitting and see if it is the right style for you. Many times we have a style or design in mind, but when we try it on, we conclude that it is not the right style for us.

Many popular styles are featured on line and in chain stores. This is driven by fashion and buying in bulk the most popular style at the time. Is it the right style for you? Are there any down-sides to the current styles? Well, the answer is yes and no to both questions.

For instance; what if you are in the medical profession and wear gloves all the time? A high prong-set design might not be for you. You may want something that is a little more low-profile and practical for work. At your independent jeweler, you can try on various rings and discuss the pros and cons of each style.

Many popular styles are not always the safest nor well-conceived/constructed. For example: Micro-pave’ is a great look, but in order to achieve that look, there is very little metal holding the diamonds. Other styles over the years have had the same problem (tension settings and invisible settings come to mind). These should be checked often. Your independent jeweler can explain the techniques and durability of the different styles.

An independent jeweler has a vested interest in YOU! We want to grow our business and reputation. In order to do that, we have to insure that all experiences are first and foremost PERSONAL! An independent jeweler is usually more educated, trained and experienced. You will see the same team in an independent store year after year as this is a career and not just a job. We care about or customers and want every experience to be exciting, fun and informative. With an independent jeweler, you can custom design your jewelry. Very few on-line and chain stores have this ability. Not only are the items bought by a purchaser in bulk, but they very rarely have a goldsmith on staff to make changes. The idea is to move as much of the product as possible.

Not only does Caldwell Jewelers provide all of the above, we have an in-house Master Goldsmith that performs the work on the premises. We have a Master Gemologist Appraiser as designated by the American Society of Appraisers of which there are only forty-three in the country. In order to obtain and keep this designation, you must first be a Graduate Gemologist, have extensive education and experience in valuation theory. Secondly, you must continue your education, complete USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) and recertify every five years. Thirdly, you must maintain and upgrade (if required) a certified gemological laboratory.

Do you want to purchase that engagement ring from somebody who was selling shoes last week?
Do you want to purchase that ring that she will wear for the rest of her life on-line because it was cheaper?
What if the size is wrong?
What if the stones are loose?
What if it is NOT the quality you expected?

At Caldwell Jewelers our goal is to provide you with the best jewelry experience. We provide expertise, experience, professionalism and longevity (36 years and counting). If you have a question for the jeweler or appraiser, please submit through our website or FB page and we will be happy to answer them.